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Before the Victorian state election in 2014, bars and nightclubs lobbied the nation to get the conversion of the 10-year entitlements into licences in perpetuity, as in NSW.  That campaign expired with the election, but they have not given up.  The authorities could anticipate a windfall of revenue in the conversion of entitlements into licences in perpetuity, and much more if it enabled more pokies to the country.  As Paul Keating famously commented:

Never get between a maximum and bucket of cash

The damage done to individuals is, it ufabet , incidental into the 5 billion which flows into state treasuries out of gaming.  Of this, 60 percent comes in poker machines.

Pokies are basically dependence machines — computers placed in a decorative box which combines a plethora of mental tricks.  Their sole objective is to extract as much cash as you can.  By stimulating the creation of neuro-chemicals, pokies do just what drugs do give the consumer a pain-dulling reward.

The issue is, most men and women realise that ice and heroin are addictive and dangerous.  If it comes to gaming, state authorities give pokies the seal of acceptance, as well as the local bar or club is your trader.  Worse, we are aware that pokies are cynically focused in disadvantaged communities.

State authorities are legislators, regulators and inheritance of gaming.  They’re hooked on the earnings, and profoundly conflicted regarding their function.  Much more upsetting is that since 2008-09 poker system operators have awarded  over $6 million in contributions to the ALP and the Liberal Party.  Nearly all of that has gone into the Liberals — over $4 million.

Is it a problem?

Betting operators exist because authorities license them.  They’re, in various ways, the supreme rent-seekers.  Without government imprimatur, they don’t have any revenue stream.

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