Carlsbad Scientists Staying Ahead Of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Carlsbad Scientists Staying Ahead Of Lab-Grown Diamonds

The largest diamond came from the tiara, which belonged to the mother of the prince, Alice Battenberg. The other stones from the tiara were used to make a bracelet, which Philip gave to Elizabeth as a wedding gift.

Sapphire duchesses

The ring of her daughter-in-law Elżbieta II, Diana, became even more famous. He was chosen by … Diana herself. Prince Charles did not have any present during the proposal – he wanted his chosen lady to find one that would suit her.

The choice fell on a ring of white gold with a 12-carat sapphire surrounded by fourteen diamonds and caused a lot of controversy in the society. The jewel was not made for a special order, but was chosen from the current offer of the Garrard jewelery brand.

Soon after, as a result of the sympathy that the duchess enjoyed in society, this model became the most popular among engagement rings all over the world, and its silver replica with cubic zirconia could be bought even for $ 56.

The end of the marriage of Diana and Karol, however, is not the end of the story of this extraordinary jewel. The ring has a high sentimental value for the princess’s son, William, who donated him as an engagement gift to his beloved – Kate Middleton. In one of the interviews before the wedding, the prince betrayed that this was his way of not letting the mother miss the ceremony.

The marriage of the prince’s couple caused a second wave of popularity of the ring. In 2010 – the year of engagement of William and Kate – sale of sapphire rings in the world increased by a factor of ten.

A gem that inspires today

Grace Kelly’s relationship with the handsome, intelligent and extremely rich prince of Monaco Rainier III was repeatedly compared to the love of a fairy tale. No wonder then that the engagement ring of the late princess became extremely popular. Cartier’s work – a platinum ring with three diamonds – delighted people all over the world and is a model for jewelers to this day.You can get this right here without cost gia report.

An example may be the “Grace” ring inspired by this jewel created by the W.KRUK brand on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of its existence. The ring was produced in the number of 175 pieces.

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