Earthquake report world-wide for Thursday, 27 Jun 2019

Earthquake report world-wide for Thursday, 27 Jun 2019

Not only pain, lack of feeling, but injuries began to make it difficult for me to walk, to function normally. With a packet of drugs and medical supplies I’m working on improving myself, there are progress, but it will take some time for the wounds to heal and I will be able to walk normally.

ON PICTURES: On the first two of Catania, then Zafferana Etnea and volcanic ash on the street and the destroyed wine store (probably). Further destroyed by the earthquake the village of Fleri, ecology in Sicily and proof of how dangerous local roads are.

That’s why when two hours have passed. I did not come by two buses, I decided that instead of freezing, to stand in a snowstorm, it would be better if I would go on foot, with the hope that someone would give me a lift.

In Sicily, hitchhiking is not popular. Friends Sicilians use the phrase “here do not know hitchhiking”. They are also afraid of crime. On the one hand, the mafia, on the other, emigrants, mainly from Africa. The more they are, the more street beggars and crimes. I knew it.

Despite the injury, I thought that in extreme cases, I have 20km to Catania, mainly downafter about 15 I should get to the place where the city buses go – I can do it. Although I could go to the sea, I chose the circuitous route that the bus drives, hoping that it will eventually go. But after an hour’s walk, when nothing happened and it started to darken, I went down.Now take a look at how these features of earthquake app.

He turned around and decided to deceive me a bit. He spoke English well and apologized for not going directly to Catania, but to be in the theater in an hour. It is worth mentioning that he sent me to the town especially for me, it was not his route.

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