La Liga Top ten or the head of the best-paid players in football

La Liga Top ten or the head of the best-paid players in football
The BBVA League, commonly known as La Liga was founded in 1929. Another official name is  Primera Division Liga de Fútbol Profesional Nacional (LFP). This is the strongest league in Europe in recent years to take into account European cups, and the   second most-watched football league in the world after Barclays Premier League (Premier League). Twenty teams in each season take part in the La Liga competition and the 3 worst are degraded by the lower class.
La Liga games are praised for the level of attractiveness and the league is considered the most “technical” in Europe, while the disadvantage is that only two teams compete for the title (for the last time, the two of them try to equal Atletico Madrid).
A brilliant midfielder, the champion of passes, who together with Andrzej Iniesta creates a magical duo of middle helpers, is a graduate of La Masia or the school of Barcelona. In the first team since 1997. Since 2000 he has been regularly appointed to the national team, world and European champion. Due to the advanced age, he thinks about moving to one of the non-European leagues.
annual earnings: 6.98 million euros

Marcelo Vieira da Silva Junior sounds like his full name. The left defender of Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team is often compared to the legendary Roberto Carlos because of his excellent technical skills and strong shot. He came to Madrid in 2007 with Fluminense and since then has been a strong link in the composition of the “King’s”

annual earnings: 7 million euros

Another player straight from Brazil in the ranking, this time the right defender with strong offensive inclinations. Also a representative of the national team. His adventure with European football began in 2002 in Seville and 2008 was sold to FC Barcelona for 32 million euros. A representative of the country since 2006.Real Madrid striker and France national team.For best services you can visit just goto 먹튀.

 in the national team since 2007, he previously won the European championship in the u-17 category. He is one of the best strikers in the world, he has participated three times in the championship tournaments and the Spanish league shoots several dozen goals every year. In the real world, it is part of the BBC’s magical trio.

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